Ultraverse Premiere error

Ultraverse Premiere 0 (remember when 0 issues were everywhere?) is the book you received for collecting all the coupons that were scattered around books at the launch of the Ultraverse. It’s a collection of short stories featuring several characters; as an added bonus the cover art was done by Jim Lee, who was then red-hot from working on the X-Men and Wildcats.

It’s been on the checklist from the beginning, but I’m adding a second version. Several hundred of these books were somehow distributed with the pages out of order.

The picture below on the left is what you see when you open a regular copy. The error copy’s first page is on the right. That page is part of a two-page spread that should have been near the middle of the issue.


I suppose it could have been pretty confusing to get that one in the mail.

But here is why I am adding it to the checklist. In the Collector’s Guide to the Ultraverse, it is mentioned as a variant. And with only a few hundred copies I suppose that does qualify as pretty rare, especially where 1990s comics are concerned.

I have a copy that is signed by Jim Lee. Perhaps the error copies were distributed at conventions and nobody noticed until it was too late. Who knows?

In any case, it’s nice to make an update to the checklist even if it is for a book that had been sitting in my closet for years.

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