If you’re looking for the master checklist of Ultraverse books (at least as many as we could physically verify), check it out right here.

9 responses to “Checklist

  • Michael Novotny

    I have a checklist I have compiled over the past 5 years. You have some titles on your list I did not know about, so thank you. One publication in particular you seem to be missing is “The Ultraverse Secrets Marvel Doesn’t Want You To Know.” This was apparently a give-away, but very rare. I had some E-mails with Scott Rosenberg, and he doesn’t even have a copy, but he is trying to find one for me.

  • depluto

    Glad to help. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were even more hidden gems out there. I will try and get some scans of the “Ultraverse Secrets” book and get it added to this checklist. You’re right, that thing is impossible to find.

  • Knightt

    This checklist has been YEARS in the making.

  • liquidcross

    I’ve been trying to rebuild my Ultraverse collection (as well as recreating all of the series’ logos in Illustrator), and I stumbled upon this site in my travels. Thank you, sir, for making my job exponentially easier with the checklist! Also many thanks for being one of the few proud Ultraverse fans who remain. I’m going through your past posts now, and man, does this stuff bring back memories.

    (I’ve also added a link to your site on my blog. Hopefully it’ll drive some more traffic here!)

  • liquidcross

    Forgot to specify: I added your link to my Green Lantern blog, not my personal one. The GL blog understandable gets a lot more hits. 😉 Apologies for the double-comment.

  • depluto

    Thanks, and welcome back to the tribe!

  • Michael Novotny

    We have an Ultraverse group now on Facebook, and lots of the original artists and writers drop in from time to time, including the former publisher, Scott Rosenberg.

  • Tom Mason

    Hi All — forgive me if this seems like spam, but I thought blog readers here might be interested: there’s a Malibu Comics Retrospective panel at Comic Con International this year, Thursday at 2pm. Details are at Longbox Graveyard.

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