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Vantage Press Release Review

uvvantage1  uvvantage2

OK, obviously the only reason I bought this is because it has Prime on the cover. I was hoping there was a little bit of art inside, but there isn’t.

I don’t remember this publication but I guess it was for shop owners and speculators to mull over which comics were going to be hot. This was also not too long before the speculator bubble burst, so we know how that worked out.

I paid a buck. Probably not worth it. And it’s definitely not going on the checklist.

Spin magazine with Rune

rune1 rune2

I actually already had a copy of the Rune Spin comic, just not one that was still in the bag with the magazine. This one is in OK condition; if I see a really nice copy somewhere down the road I might pick it up. Then again, I might not. I don’t rate this very high on my Ultraverse “needs list.”

This was originally a Halloween promotion and a way to get the Rune comic into the hands of non-traditional readers. It is not too different from the Rune 0 that was an incentive-based comic you had to send away for (you needed coupons from 11 different comics, although you could also use the “wild” coupons that came with some poly-bagged issues).

In case you’re interested, I paid $13 shipped.

Factory set of Ultraverse cards


I don’t know how these were distributed, but I spotted this factory set of Ultraverse Series 1 cards on eBay for $5, so I figured that was a good pickup. The next week somebody sold 16 more in one auction, so that makes 17 boxes that I know of. I’m sure there are plenty more … somewhere.

I’ll keep this one sealed since it doesn’t have any cards (including the chase cards) that weren’t distributed in the regular boxes, and there are millions of those.

I know there was a factory set of cards packed in with the Series 2 binder, but I don’t know if there was one for the Ultraverse Masterpieces set. I’ll keep an eye out.