Elven “foil edition”

Elven was a five-issue mini-series (counting the 0 issue it ran from 0-4) with one odd variant cover — the Limited Foil Edition is lacking something, however.

Mainly, foil.

The cover is almost exactly the same as the regular edition except it says “Limited Foil Edition” where the regular edition has the $2.50 price. The title is also a different color, darker, but I’m color-blind and can’t tell exactly what color it is (Edit: My man Knight let me know it’s green. Somehow he was not laughing at me when he told me this). There is definitely no foil, I checked. Not sure what the story is there.

Both are pretty cheap but it’s harder to find the foil version unless it’s an eBay auction that has a decent picture of the book. I got mine by accident in a larger lot of books.


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