Rune 1 with autos

Finding a Rune 1 that has been autographed is not that hard … Barry Windsor-Smyth did 10,000 of them by himself. But I don’t think I had ever seen one that also had co-creator Chris Ulm’s signature, along with inkers Alex Bialy and John Floyd.

This was an eBay score, just a few bucks counting shipping. It didn’t come with a certificate, but it looks legit to me.

I’ve always thought it must piss off the creators when they see books they signed popping up on auction sites, but once I get them in my mitts I give them the proper respect. Somebody has to collect this stuff.

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2 responses to “Rune 1 with autos

  • TDavis

    Nice. Waaaaay back in ’73 (’74?) I met BWS at the Detroit Triple Fan Fair. He was doing a little shoping amongst the dealers and I thought I might hit him up for an autograph on my Conan #1. Several of the people I had talked to at the con said that he was being a real jerk and wouldn’t sign anything to do with Conan (He had just left the book and some fans were giving him grief about it). I noticed he was carrying a number of records. The one that caught my attention was an album by George Martin doing orchestral versions of some Beatles tunes. I asked him about it and we had a long conversation about all things Beatles. I decided to not bring up the autograph request because we’d had such a nice talk I didn’t want to go out on a sour note. He then asked me if I had enjoyed his run on Conan and I replied that I had two copies (!) of every issue he’d done. He asked if I had any with me and I pulled out my #1. He then asked if he could sketch something on the splash page. “Um, sure”, I babbled. I still have that comic with the lovely full figure Conan ballpoint sketch on the splash margin along with the inscription “To Tim: A breath of fresh air amid the reek. Barry Smith”.
    I DON’T have a signed Rune #1, but I’ll be looking!

  • depluto

    Wow! Dude, what you have is a million times cooler! Great story!

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