Rune 0 sendaway


They sure did love their coupons in the Ultraverse. One of the cooler sendaway deals was for Rune 0 (a copy of Solution 0 exclusive to this deal was also thrown in).

You needed 11 coupons (click on the pages below to read the instructions) although you could photocopy the coupons and there was a “wild coupon” in Ultra Monthly No. 4.


I also have a poster that might have come with this. I have to confess I did not send in any coupons; I picked up my copies on eBay a couple of years ago. They’re usually fairly cheap. You can check eBay just about any time and there will be 10 or so copies of Rune 0 along with six or seven copies of Solution 0 (I guess Rune was the bigger name).

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4 responses to “Rune 0 sendaway

  • Bruce Reville

    The Rune 0 story was also partially reprinted in the Spin magazine Special that came bagged with Spin Magazine though I can’t remember which issue though.

  • depluto

    Thanks Bruce … I’ve already written that post, just have some other stuff to put up first. I have the ad for the Spin deal; the magazine pictured has Tori Amos on the cover but I don’t know if that’s the one that had the comic.

  • Tom Mason

    Yes, the Tori Amos issue is the one with Rune 0. I don’t have the figures and paperwork to back this up anymore, but we were told it was one of their biggest sellers of that year. I doubt that can be attributed to just the Rune comic insert, though. Tori’s presence probably helped 🙂

    The idea to hit up Spin came from, I believe, Andrew Cosby (now a TV producer – Eureka – and co-founder of Boom! Studios) in Malibu’s marketing dept. He pursued it and originally pitched Howard Chaykin’s Power & Glory (the Bravura title) for the insert, but Spin ultimately thought Rune was closer to their audience.

    John Riley, also in Malibu’s marketing department, headed up the effort to sell the interior ads which paid for the printing of the comic and Spin picked up the insert/bagging costs.

  • Bruce Reville

    October 1994 – that is the Spin Magazine w/Rune & Tori Amos

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