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Malibu COAs


I’ve been looking for these for a while … signed books that were issued with certificates of authenticity from Malibu. So far I know of nine:

All New Exiles: Infinity, 1
Lord Pumpkin: 0
Prime: Infinity, 1
Rune: 1
Rune vs. Venom: 1
Siren: 1
Ultraforce: 1


The Lord Pumpkin is the only one that was issued pre-Black September. The others are all numbered to 2,000.

They are really nice looking books and certs. I pick one up whenever I see a copy selling for a few bucks.

Ghoul in action

I knew this was around here somewhere.

He was hard to find since he was in the coffin, which is a great accessory.

NM-E in action

A lot of stuff going on around NM-E, probably the coolest-looking of the Ultraforce action figures.

That’s it for the desk shots. I only have six on display although I have a box at home that has a full set still on the cards (except for the 504s). Although I think I might have a Ghoul stuck in a drawer around here somewhere …

Prototype in action

He looks like he is getting ready to kick the crap out of that glow-in-the-dark zombie woman right in front of him.

Reminds me of the line from Spaceballs, “I knew it, I’m surrounded by a-holes.”

Hardcase in action

Again, not really “in action.”

It’s either some kind of mechanical glider or a Russian gulag’s interrogation chamber.

Topaz in action

OK, maybe none of these are really “in action.”

Judging by the level of dust, I would say Topaz has not seen any action in a while.

Nightman in action

Nightman toasts you with an invisible beer!

No beer for the lurking X-Men.

Prime in action

It might surprise some of you to know that a guy who writes a blog about a defunct line of comic books is something of a nerd. This does not surprise people who know me, however.

Anyway, like a lot of nerds, I have a desk at work loaded with action figures. Included are several Ultraforce figures. I’ll snap some pictures of them using the Hipstamatic app, since I’m cool that way.

Let’s start off with Prime and his head-mounted bazooka-thing.

Polybag price variants

A handful of Ultraverse issues came with polybagged variants that had different prices from the regular versions … 50 cents more. They also have UPC symbols on the front. You can tell these from the initial run of polybagged books by the color banner on top of the bag.

The cards seem to have been selected randomly from the inaugural set of Ultraverse cards, so I guess there could be as many as 90 different variations for each. If anybody collects all 90 of an issue let me know and I will send over a truck from the loony bin to take you away.


I never noticed this before but the covers to Hardcase 4 and Strangers 4 make up a single image when placed side by side. Cool.


Ultraforce 1 is slightly different with a red banner. The card is always a Prime promo from the Ultraverse Masterpieces card set but it’s behind the comic.


Here is a list of all the Ultraverse books that came polybagged with price variants. I’m pretty sure it’s complete but I’ve been wrong before!

Firearm: 1
Hardcase: 4
Mantra v1: 2
Prime v1: 4 (both versions)
Solution: 1
Strangers: 4
Ultraforce v1: 1

I have copies of all of them except for the Mantra 2 and both Prime 4s.

Ultraforce 2 variant

Just another variant cover, eh? What makes it noteworthy is that this was distributed shortly after Ultraforce 1, which had an alternate Ultra 5000 cover (one of 20 that Malibu printed; there were also 5,500 hologram covers for that particular issue). So maybe Ultraforce 1 was the final Ultra 5000. There were several more “limited edition” alternate cover Ultraverse comics after this one, though.

The cover blurb says Limited Special Edition (or Special Limited Edition, depending on how you like to read circular text) but doesn’t have print run numbers. Probably less than 5000, or maybe it was just cheaper to print without the silver foil.


Both books are readily available and cheap. The Limited edition often sells for a few bucks; I bought five for $5 once, though.