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Malibu Ultragear


This is a pretty cool little catalog that a friend sent me. It’s from the early days of the Ultraverse, and solved the mystery for me about how a lot of things were distributed (such as watches, shirts, standees, etc.)

It’s a single sheet tri-folded, so I scanned in all six portions. Over the years I’ve collected just about everything here (I picked up the Malibu watch just last week) but now I have a couple more things to keep looking for (two-pocket folders, license plate holders, lithographs).

Click on the thumbnails to see. Enjoy!




Ultraverse Shirt

uvshirtcYou don’t see a lot of Ultraverse shirts for sale … I’m guessing they didn’t make very many. I have seen a few Prime shirts and a couple of white Ultraverse tees, but I had never seen a black one before. I bought this off eBay; the picture with the auction showed it still in a bag, so there was no way to know what was on the back.

I was pretty curious about the back. Was it a bigger logo? A cool image? A cover recreation?

Even though the shipping was $9 (for a shirt!) I bid a bit more than $10 and won.

It took about a week and I got the shirt. I opened it up.

This is the front.


And this is the back.




Prime T-shirt


IMG_3893A while back I saw a Prime T-shirt on eBay and said I might pay $20 for that if the price ever came down. Well, the price came down and I bought it for $10 shipped. Pretty happy with that.

The shirt is in pretty good shape, just a slight touch of dinginess around the collar. Maybe I can clean that up but it is a 20-year-old shirt. I don’t really have a good idea how to keep one of those in mint condition, especially since I live in Florida.

Up top is the back image; front image is on the left.

I have some old Malibu Comics T-shirts in a box somewhere, but I think this is the first Ultraverse shirt I have bought. And frankly I can’t even remember seeing any others. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist; I forget a lot of stuff!

Some Prime stuff

Spotted a couple of interesting auctions on eBay this week. A little more than I want to spend, although I wouldn’t mind adding both to my collection.

The first was a Prime standee, almost five feet tall. I already have a Rune standee that is the same size, but it is stuck up in my attic since I don’t have any place to display it.

The auction starts at $10 with a $20 BIN; add in $15 shipping. I would buy one for $10 if I saw it in a shop, but $25 is a bit too much for me. Especially since I don’t have room for it.

The auction will probably be over by the time most people read this, but here it is anyway.

The second thing I saw was a nice Prime shirt that looks to be in pretty good shape. This auction is running a little longer with a BIN of $35 and free shipping. Cool shirt (a little small for me, I prefer XL or even 2XL) but I still wouldn’t spend more than $20 for it. Who knows, maybe I will make the guy an offer?

First time I have seen this shirt though. It looks a lot better than any other Prime shirts I have seen.