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Malibu COAs


I’ve been looking for these for a while … signed books that were issued with certificates of authenticity from Malibu. So far I know of nine:

All New Exiles: Infinity, 1
Lord Pumpkin: 0
Prime: Infinity, 1
Rune: 1
Rune vs. Venom: 1
Siren: 1
Ultraforce: 1


The Lord Pumpkin is the only one that was issued pre-Black September. The others are all numbered to 2,000.

They are really nice looking books and certs. I pick one up whenever I see a copy selling for a few bucks.

Double Prime

Primedouble Remember those books that were polybagged with a random Ultraverse Series I card? One of those was Prime 4 (I am still trying to verify that the polybagged Prototype variant cover for that book actually exists … I’ve never actually seen one although I know someone who has).

I actually spent five bucks on this book since it had an extra card in the polybag. Why? I’m not sure.

Edit: Fixed the post to point out that the polybagged variant is the one I haven’t seen (it would have a UPC symbol on the front and come bagged with a random card).

Prime sketch


This falls into the Cheep category. I got this for a buck, plus another $2 for shipping. It’s a quickie convention sketch of Prime on a comic book backing board. It looks as if it was done by Norm Breyfogle in 1993, which was Prime Time for this character.

Prime12zzIt came with a Malibu Signature Series book that had a few signatures in it. I am actually thinking of taking this to a few cons and getting some more signatures in it. Not because that would make it valuable, it just sounds kind of fun to do.

A side note: When you pay $2 for shipping, you get $2 worth of shipping. This came in an envelope with no support and somewhere along the way it suffered some indignities. That sounds like life, you know?

Vantage Press Release Review

uvvantage1  uvvantage2

OK, obviously the only reason I bought this is because it has Prime on the cover. I was hoping there was a little bit of art inside, but there isn’t.

I don’t remember this publication but I guess it was for shop owners and speculators to mull over which comics were going to be hot. This was also not too long before the speculator bubble burst, so we know how that worked out.

I paid a buck. Probably not worth it. And it’s definitely not going on the checklist.

Another Prime watch

watch2  watch1


Actually, I picked this up a while ago. It’s the third Prime watch I have found, although the only real difference is the packaging. I wrote about the other two watches a while back.

It looks about the same as the others, no great shakes. The price is a little surprising, just $4.99. It boasts Super Quartz Accuracy and a limited one-year warranty. Made in China.

Yeah, probably not going to wear this anytime soon but it still looks nice in my collection.

Prime T-shirt


IMG_3893A while back I saw a Prime T-shirt on eBay and said I might pay $20 for that if the price ever came down. Well, the price came down and I bought it for $10 shipped. Pretty happy with that.

The shirt is in pretty good shape, just a slight touch of dinginess around the collar. Maybe I can clean that up but it is a 20-year-old shirt. I don’t really have a good idea how to keep one of those in mint condition, especially since I live in Florida.

Up top is the back image; front image is on the left.

I have some old Malibu Comics T-shirts in a box somewhere, but I think this is the first Ultraverse shirt I have bought. And frankly I can’t even remember seeing any others. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist; I forget a lot of stuff!

Prime cover gallery

This is a big one, lots of Prime books in the Ultraverse. Let’s start with the first series’ main issues, including gold and silver holograms, an Ultra 5000 and an annual, along with variant covers for 4 and 13. There are also polybagged issues for 2 and 4, but I didn’t include the pics here. Just imagine the same book in a bag.

primefirst1 ultra5000prime Primehologold primeholosilver

primefirst2  primefirst3  primefirst4prime  primefirst4prototype

primefirst5  primefirst6  primefirst7  primefirst8

primefirst9  primefirst10  primefirst11  primefirst12

primefirst13alt  primefirst13reg  primefirst14  primefirst15

primefirst16  primefirst17  primefirst18  primefirst19

primefirst20  primefirst21  primefirst22  primefirst23

primefirst24  primefirst25  primefirst26  primefirstannual

There was also a hardcover, trade paperback, Printer’s Proof and even a Wizard 1/2 issue:

primehc  primetpb  Primeprinterproof  primefirsthalf

Ashcans? We got ashcans.

primeashcan  primeashreg  Primeashgoldfoil  PrimeashSegaCD

And then you had the second series, with cover variants on the first couple of issues:

primesecInfinityblack  primesecInfinityreg  primesec1reg  primesec1painted

primesec2  primesec3  primesec4  primesec5

primesec6  primesec7  primesec8  primesec9

primesec10a  primesec11a  primesec12  primesec13

primesec14  primesec15

Also a couple of Marvel crossovers:

LPPrime  LSPPrime  primecap

And finally a four-issue miniseries, Power of Prime.

powerofprime1  powerofprime2  powerofprime3  powerofprime4

All three pins

Why, yes, I am still alive, thank you.

Still collecting, too. I’ve just been very busy (who hasn’t?). But I scored some good stuff recently so I will try to get a few posts up.

These are all three Ultraverse pins (as far as I know) and I got them all in one lot for under $5 shipped. Now that’s my kind of deal. I already had one of the Rune pins, but the others are new for me.


Pretty high quality pins, too. I know of one other Ultraverse pin but I don’t really count it because it is just one of those cheap metal tabs that folds over.

Prime 4 in the polybag

One more book knocked off my checklist.

This was actually a pleasant surprise. I’ve been gathering up all my Ultraverse stuff and found this book mixed in with the rest. Didn’t even know I had it.

Now I am down to just a few left to finish off my checklist, and nothing too crazy apart from that “Ultraverse Secrets” book that is so hard to find.

There are two version of Prime 4, though … the other cover has Prototype. I’ve never seen one in the polybag but have been told they exist. So maybe that one will be pretty tough, too. Or maybe I have one stuck in a box somewhere … gotta get more organized!

Prime in action

It might surprise some of you to know that a guy who writes a blog about a defunct line of comic books is something of a nerd. This does not surprise people who know me, however.

Anyway, like a lot of nerds, I have a desk at work loaded with action figures. Included are several Ultraforce figures. I’ll snap some pictures of them using the Hipstamatic app, since I’m cool that way.

Let’s start off with Prime and his head-mounted bazooka-thing.