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Card sketches


These are a couple of sketches I picked up from eBay. The seller sold about a dozen of these, a couple or three each week. Most of them went for between $10 and $25.

uvcards1uvcards2  The story behind them is that an artist named Scott Hampton did them as preliminary sketches for the Ultraverse Masterpieces card set. Then Dave Dorman used them as guides for his paintings (every card in the series, including the chase cards, was painted by Dorman).

I asked the artist about it and he said that was how it worked. The seller said he bought them from an artist who had kept them in a drawer for years and didn’t think about them until recently.

Anyway, they look cool. I don’t really know how to describe the art style, it’s grey paper with black and white pastel sketches. Each is a little bigger than a sheet of office paper. And as you can see, Dorman was extremely faithful to the original sketches when he painted. That was a great series of cards.


Short stack of signed cards

This was another one of those weird eBay auctions. Somebody was selling about 60 different cards from the Ultraverse Masterpieces set, and they were all signed by the artist (Dave Dorman).



They were broken into groups of 10, selling for a few bucks each. I put in bids on a couple, and that’s how I ended up with these.

Some dude probably brought the guy a huge stack of cards to sign at a convention. I’ve never met him but he must be pretty nice to sit there and sign them all. I get stuff signed every now and then at conventions but I couldn’t imagine bringing more than a few items.

Anyway, too bad he had to put in that kind of effort just for these cards to wind up on an auction site (nothing wrong with the seller doing that, it’s certainly his right).

Back from San Diego

So that was an interesting trip, my first time in California. It’s pretty much as hot as Florida but without the humidity so I didn’t get drenched every time I went outside. Nice.

There is next to nothing to report that was Ultraverse-related from the Con. I saw a few artists there and asked them to sign a couple of things (mainly Ultraverse Series 2  cards). Aaron Lopresti and Terry Dodson shared a booth and Dave Dorman (who did all the art for the Ultraverse Masterpieces cards set) was there too. And there were a couple more here and there but honestly it was so hectic and large that I didn’t have time to do everything I wanted. And I was there all four days.

A couple of booths were selling Ultraverse comics but all I saw were commons in the $1 and $2 bins. I didn’t buy any. I saw a couple of pages of original art, but then I wasn’t really expecting to find much. Next time I will try and get a couple of sketch covers done (wish I had thought of that earlier!).

If you’ve never made it to SDCC, I highly recommend it. It’s packed to the rafters but it’s a mellow crowd (some people got a little cranky by Sunday) with thousands of interesting things to look at and a boatload of good deals. Maybe with Valiant Comics getting ready for a relaunch it might get the ball rolling the Ultraverse’s way. We’ll see.