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Early Advertising Campaign

uvbus (2)

Here’s another weird thing I got from eBay. It’s a mock-up for proposed Ultraverse advertising on city buses. It’s not very big, just a couple of inches tall and about seven inches wide.

Here’s how it was described in the auction:

A rare relic salvaged from the fallen Malibu Comics empire… When an ad agency was tasked with creating bus ads for the Ultraverse, they sent Malibu execs this mock-up of how the projected campaign would look.
Recovered from an ex-Malibu employee who was there.
Insanely rare. Only a handful ever made.

Here is a picture of an actual bus advertisement, courtesy of Ultraverse co-founder Tom Mason (he says it came from the advertising agency and is dated from 1994).


You can watch one of the buses in action (sort of) in the 1994 movie The Chase, starring Charlie Sheen. No, seriously, you can watch it on Youtube. At about the 10:50 mark you get a quick glimpse of this:


And at that point you really should quit watching.

Ads: Alien 3 SNES

One of the things I love about the Ultraverse comics are the advertisements. Games that were cutting edge in the 1990s look pretty silly now, but I get a good kick of nostalgia from them.

I collect old games from several different systems, mainly Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and the original PlayStation, but I dabble in the Super Nintendo stuff. Most ads from the Ultraverse books were from the Super Nintendo days. This was one of the lonely ads in Hardcase 1 (most of the full-page ads in there were house ads).

If I saw “red-hot alien action” or “chest-bursting excitement” on an ad for a game today, I might be a little wary. Current graphics can sometimes be too realistic.