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Signed Rune 1

So how long would it take you to sign your name 10,000 times? Even if your name was just a long string of squiggles, I imagine it would still take a good long while.

Barry Windsor-Smith could tell you how long it takes, since he did it for Dynamic Forces. There were a number of signed Ultraverse books that went into the thousands, but this is the king of them all. Not surprisingly it is fairly common on eBay, but it usually sells for a few bucks. For his sake, I hope somebody else had to do the numbering because that looks like it was a bigger pain than the signatures.

I asked BWS to sign a couple of books and cards at a con a few years back. He signed the books with the squiggle, but he initialed the cards “BWS.” Squiggles aside, the man has very nice handwriting.


Mantra signed bag

Mantra and Freex were the two titles that launched with the first issue in a polybag with a card and a “Wild Coupon” for Ultraverse Premiere 0 (the coupons for Hardcase, Prime and Strangers were bound into the first issue; the second issues for those titles were polybagged with a card but no coupon).

Anyway, it’s just your average mid-1990s polybag.

I picked up a bunch of signed books a few months back and this was thrown in there, a Mantra 1 with the polybag signed by Terry Dodson. Weird, I know.

That speculator craze made us do some odd things.

Firearm movie card

While we’re on the subject of the Firearm movie …

This is a card I picked up off eBay for about a buck. Very cool. It’s about the size of a comic book, but just a simple piece of cardboard. Maybe this was used for convention signings or something, but it has Darren Doane’s signature on the front.

Lord Pumpkin 0

This is the origin story for one of the better bad guys in the Ultraverse, definitely one of the coolest-looking. I figured I would post this now since I just finished the NecroMantra stuff.


There are two covers but the content is the same, and I don’t think that one is much rarer than the other (maybe the one with a close-up of LP’s face is a little tougher to find). Try not to spend more than a buck for either one.

There is also a signed version of the first cover that comes with an Ultraverse certificate of authenticity.

There were a number of different Ultraverse books that got this treatment, maybe a couple of dozen. I’m working on a list …


Malibu Signature Series

It’s hard to call these comic books, but they are comic-book sized so let’s just throw them in with the rest. These look like the kinds of things you would take to busy conventions and try to get as many signatures from the artists and writers as possible. Inside are small bios and pictures with a box underneath for them to sign.

Mine are still blank; I picked these up in auctions somewhere. It would probably freak out one of the old Ultraverse creators if I gave them one of these to sign in San Diego this summer.


They’re not particularly easy to find, but they’re always cheap. Somebody might try to charge a little more if it had a lot of signatures inside, though.

Prime ashcans

I don’t think this one should be very tough to find, but it is anyway. It’s more of a mini-comic than an ashcan, and the story leads into the beginning of the Prime video game for Sega CD. You almost never see these for sale on eBay. I’ve only seen three and they got scooped up pretty fast. I paid $5 for mine.

As far as I know this was the only video game for the Ultraverse characters that was released (a Firearm game was apparently in production for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis and the ROM appeared online recently), and it was only available on that system. The game was re-issued and  packaged with another game (Microcosm) but that one did not have the mini-comic. I haven’t played it, but I can’t imagine it holds up very well.

I’ve also bought two boxed copies of the Prime-Microcosm game for under $10 but don’t have one of the Prime by itself. I might pay $10 if I saw one.

The Ultraverse went ashcan crazy for a while. The first regular Prime ashcan had a Boris Vallejo cover that was also the cover to Prime Annual 1. I’m not sure what the print run was, but you can find these very cheap all over the place. There is another version with gold foil on the cover and a Comic Cavalcade logo, and these say “Malibu Limited Edition 5,000” where the others say “75 cents.” Much tougher to find.


A friend of mine bought one for me from the Comic Cavalcade website; we also picked up a signed (by Boris Vallejo) version of the same book. But that was a few years ago. I just checked their site and they don’t have them anymore.


Limited Super Premium Editions

Now that’s a pretentious-sounding category. And they had a price to match; IIRC these were sold for $40 each (you could also buy a simpler Limited Premium Edition without the signatures and with a different cover for $10). Each book paired an Ultraverse franchise with their Marvel counterparts: Exiles and X-Men, Prime and Hulk, Nightman and Wolverine.

The stories were … well, never mind. The art is straight out of those mid-1990s stylebooks. It’s hard to believe they sold many of these at those prices. Now you can get them cheap, of course. I pay a buck or two when I can. I bought a short stack of the Nightman and Wolverine signed books once for $1.50 each. I see these all the time on eBay for $30-40 BINs, sometimes even over $100. Good luck with that.

The signed versions look pretty nice.


There are two different versions of each, although the only difference is the certificate of authenticity. One was done by Dynamic Forces, the other by American Entertainment. As far as I can tell, the signatures are the same for each version.


Here are the three Limited Premium Editions. These did not come with COAs or signatures.

I really can’t imagine paying $15 for a single comic book, but those were some free-wheeling days.

Still, I would not be surprised if there were several large boxes of these stashed in a warehouse somewhere.

These are pretty cheap now; last time I checked on eBay somebody was selling these in bundles of 25 (and he had several of these for sale) for less than $15 shipped. Maybe he’s the dude with the warehouse.


Once when I was looking around eBay I noticed an auction for one of the Limited Super Premium Edition Prime and Hulk books. But it didn’t say anything about it being signed, and from the picture I could not tell if there were any signatures. What the heck, I spent a few bucks to see what it was.

When I got the book, sure enough it was the version that was supposed to have signatures but the cover was not signed. There was no COA either. This seems like more of a mistake than something that ought to be on the checklist, but I still think it’s pretty cool. Then a few months later I got a similar LSPE Exiles and X-Men with no signatures. I have yet to find the Nightman and Wolverine version, but I’m sure it’s out there.