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Hardcase Motor City Comic Con

Getting so, so close now … I think the toughest book I have left on my checklist is the Firearm Ultra 5000. Especially since I just got this book for about $15 on eBay (more than I would usually spend, but what the heck?)

I was a little disappointed to crack it open and find out that there is no story, just black and white promo pages. Oh well …

Mantra 2 in the polybag

Oh, I’m getting pretty close now. There are just a few books left on my checklist, and this was one of them.

Picked it up for a couple of bucks on eBay. I don’t think it’s rare, I just had to wait for a cheap one to show up. Unless there is actually a Freex 2 in a polybag (I have never seen one but it would not surprise me), this finishes up all the bagged books on my checklist. That just leaves a couple of ashcans, a couple of minor variants and the Firearm Ultra 5000 to finish this quest. That’s because I also picked up this book, another one that doesn’t show up very often.

It was thrown in with another auction as a freebie, wasn’t even listed in the main auction. So that’s nice.

Short stack of signed cards

This was another one of those weird eBay auctions. Somebody was selling about 60 different cards from the Ultraverse Masterpieces set, and they were all signed by the artist (Dave Dorman).



They were broken into groups of 10, selling for a few bucks each. I put in bids on a couple, and that’s how I ended up with these.

Some dude probably brought the guy a huge stack of cards to sign at a convention. I’ve never met him but he must be pretty nice to sit there and sign them all. I get stuff signed every now and then at conventions but I couldn’t imagine bringing more than a few items.

Anyway, too bad he had to put in that kind of effort just for these cards to wind up on an auction site (nothing wrong with the seller doing that, it’s certainly his right).

Cheep comics

A few weeks back I found a shop in Tampa that had a ton of comics for 10 cents each. I found these in those boxes, although the only Ultraverse connection is the card inserted randomly; I’m pretty sure these are all just common cards from the first set of Ultraverse cards.

It gave me the silly idea that maybe I could put together a run of all 90 cards, still in the polybags with a comic. But when it comes to collecting Ultraverse I have first-priority books and second-priority books. This would be down around sixth priority.

Still, for 10 cents I couldn’t pass them up.

In case anyone else wanted to check out the shop (Wonder Water Sports Cards, Comics and Games), here is their Twitter feed and Facebook page. I left a lot of books there.

Rune 1 with autos

Finding a Rune 1 that has been autographed is not that hard … Barry Windsor-Smyth did 10,000 of them by himself. But I don’t think I had ever seen one that also had co-creator Chris Ulm’s signature, along with inkers Alex Bialy and John Floyd.

This was an eBay score, just a few bucks counting shipping. It didn’t come with a certificate, but it looks legit to me.

I’ve always thought it must piss off the creators when they see books they signed popping up on auction sites, but once I get them in my mitts I give them the proper respect. Somebody has to collect this stuff.

Prime video game

Here’s another recent score. I won this for $12 on eBay, and the only reason I paid that much is because the auction description said it was the Prime Sega CD game without the Microcosm disc, and that it came with a booklet. I was hoping the booklet was the Prime ashcan, since that thing is brutally difficult to find.


Alas, the booklet was just the instruction booklet (still pretty cool, but not what I was hoping for). And the package was mismatched; the front was the Prime game I wanted, but the back cover was the Prime/Microcosm package. And there were some rental stickers on the disc and jewel case.

As far as I can figure, this must have been a rental copy from back in the day, and the two boxes somehow became combined when they dumped their inventory. I  already had a copy of the Prime/Microcosm game; this would have been my first copy of the Prime game by itself. I guess I’ll keep looking.

Strangers hologram

My price point on the hologram covers is $5, meaning if I see one anywhere for that or less I will buy it.

And even though the Ultra 5000 covers were printed in the same numbers as the hologram covers (5,000 of each), my price point on those is only $2.

That means I don’t buy too many of these on eBay any more since you usually have $4 or $5 shipping costs for starters.

But I saw this one for $5 shipped, popped the BIN and got it a couple of days ago. It’s a nice copy with no damage, which is always a bonus when something is shipped through the mail.

These things are so nice looking I may have to raise my price point a little bit …

Godwheel 0 signed

I just bought this one off eBay, and might have overpaid a bit at around $10 shipped. But it’s a pretty low run at 250 copies and I haven’t seen many for sale. Unfortunately it was dinged up a bit … perhaps someone sat on it. Argh.

It is signed by Mark Pacella. There are a few different Dynamic Forces signed editions of Ultraverse comics, ranging from 10,000 Rune 1s signed by Barry Windsor-Smith down to 50 for a Solitaire 1 set. I’m still working on compiling that list, but here’s what I have so far:

Firearm: 1 (2000)
Nightman (7500)
Rune: 1 (10000)
Rune 1 Giant Size (250)
Godwheel 0 (250)
Solitaire: 1 (7500), 1 and Hearts (50), Collection 1-5 (75)

Probably not a complete list, but I’m adding them as I spot them.

Short stack of chase cards

More eBay silliness. I saw somebody had these cards listed for a buck each with $3 shipping (not bad considering they were coming from Great Britain).

But he had 10 for sale so I asked how much would shipping be for all 10. He said $4, so I popped the BIN for all 10.

They got here really fast, dude packed them wonderfully and they were all in great shape. These were the one-to-a-box chase cards from the Ultraverse Masterpieces set (there were two cards in this mini-set).

As far as hologram cards go, I’ve seen better. I’ll figure out what to do with these later, I guess. They’re not rare at all; even if there were only 20,000 boxes made, that means there are 10,0000 of these suckers.

Short stack of Future Shocks

I’ve always wanted to hoard this book, since it was the final Ultraverse comic. A couple of weeks ago I was following some auctions on eBay just to get an idea of what it is going for now and I was shocked to see one close at $21. Chalk that up to one of those weird bidding wars; I don’t think that will be the new standard for pricing.

I checked to see if they had any. Nope. So I checked Mile High Comics, and they had an undetermined amount for $2.20 each. Coupled with one of their 50-percent-off codeword sales, I was able to get 15 copies for $16.50 shipped. Not bad. I actually ordered 10 more but I think that order never went through.

I already had three copies, too. I’d like to say I’m embarrassed by my collector mentality, but I’m not. I just roll with it, hahaha.

Mile High can be a pretty good place to score a mini-hoard. I bought 20 Ultraforce hologram books once for $32 and they were all in beautiful, perfect condition.