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Vantage Press Release Review

uvvantage1  uvvantage2

OK, obviously the only reason I bought this is because it has Prime on the cover. I was hoping there was a little bit of art inside, but there isn’t.

I don’t remember this publication but I guess it was for shop owners and speculators to mull over which comics were going to be hot. This was also not too long before the speculator bubble burst, so we know how that worked out.

I paid a buck. Probably not worth it. And it’s definitely not going on the checklist.

Ultraverse “Create a Hero” contest


ult1I won this in an auction for about $20 shipped. I still don’t know exactly what it is. According to some folks over at the Ultraverse Facebook page, it’s a box of entry forms for an abandoned “Create a Hero” contest that was done with Hero Illustrated magazine.

It’s still sealed and I don’t feel like busting it open. It has the same heft and feel of an unopened box of cards, and is about the same size.

There are some small traces on the internet that this contest actually existed and a few people won prizes, but I don’t think the characters actually saw print. So here I am with just another little Ultraverse artifact.

Another Prime watch

watch2  watch1


Actually, I picked this up a while ago. It’s the third Prime watch I have found, although the only real difference is the packaging. I wrote about the other two watches a while back.

It looks about the same as the others, no great shakes. The price is a little surprising, just $4.99. It boasts Super Quartz Accuracy and a limited one-year warranty. Made in China.

Yeah, probably not going to wear this anytime soon but it still looks nice in my collection.

Ultraverse Secrets …



OK, so this book took me a loooooooong time to find. I’ve actually never seen one for sale before last week, and I’ve been looking for years. Years. I know several other hard-core Ultraverse collectors, and all but one of them had never seen one, either.

But there it was on eBay for a $5 BIN. That’s a no-brainer.

It’s not a comic book (it’s about the height and width of a regular sheet of paper). I’m pretty sure it was just one of those promo booklets that used to be thrown in with the weekly shipments to comic shops around the country.

Back in the 1990s I had a friend who owned a shop and I would work for him one day a week in exchange for comics. Good for him, good for me. Each week the comics would arrive in several boxes and there were always promo booklets, posters and what-nots from all the big companies. I’m pretty sure that’s what this book is. It’s a bunch of pin-ups and text blocks hyping upcoming titles and storylines. I read through it; it’s interesting and makes me miss those days. Ah, well.

There were probably several thousand of these printed. Of those, I’d wager the vast majority were tossed in the trash. There might be some more in warehouses or garages, but it’s not really something that your average comic book collector is chasing. I’m not saying this is rare, but it is really freaking hard to find!

So what’s the big deal? I know for those of us over at who tried to put together an Ultraverse checklist a few years ago, one of our best early resources was this site by a guy named Big Tel. His site had scans and a little bit of info on all kinds of Malibu variants, and really helped us get the ball rolling. That site has since been taken down, but before that I didn’t even know things like gold holograms existed.

Anyway, one of the things on there was this book, The Ultraverse Secrets Marvel Doesn’t Want You to Know. None of us had ever seen it, and I’ve been hunting one down ever since. If it had not been on Big Tel’s site during the early days of mapping out the Ultraverse checklist, I don’t think I would have cared too much one way or the other. But now that I’ve put so much of an effort into finding one, it feels nice finally putting this in my collection.

I was going to scan in the pages but it’s too big to fit on my scanner. So I just took pictures; those are all down below.



4uvs 5uvs 6uvs

7uvs 8uvs 9uvs

The Hardcase movie


I bought this card a while back (it’s about the size of a comic, thinner than a backing board). Like it says, it’s a promo for the Hardcase movie and is signed by director Darren Doane and writer James Hudnall. So I looked for the movie and couldn’t find it. Comic shops, eBay, fan groups … nothing turned up.

Most Ultraverse fans know about the Firearm movie that came packed with the 0 (zero) issue … I also have a card for that movie. Now that one I have seen. But this Hardcase movie … I had no idea.

So I turned to the Ultraverse Facebook group. If you are a fan of the Ultraverse at any level, that is a great group to join. Many of the original creators drop in and offer up great stories and nuggets from their days working at Malibu. Very cool.

So I checked in over there and found out that there never was an actual movie, just a 30-second trailer. Tom Mason, one of the Ultraverse creators, had this info:

Action movie star Gary Daniels was Hardcase. The short teaser was done not for us or even the direct market but more as something to show off the movie potential of UV properties. And we could also show it off on the convention circuit.

and …

Both Darren Doane and Ken Daurio were on staff, with another guy Larry Gitlin, at Malibu during that time. They had a division inhouse called “Malibu Films” that was responsible for all of our promotional videos and short films. After the division was shut down, Darren went on to make music videos and Daurio started writing screenplays.

So there you have it: A bit of a background. But I still haven’t seen an actual hard copy of this movie in person. A fellow Ultraverse collector has one, and he donated the pictures of the sleeve below. The movie itself is a regular VHS tape. It’s just one more thing for me to keep on my list.

hc1  hc2

Long Live the Pump!


It’s Halloween. This is Lord Pumpkin. That is all.

Prime T-shirt


IMG_3893A while back I saw a Prime T-shirt on eBay and said I might pay $20 for that if the price ever came down. Well, the price came down and I bought it for $10 shipped. Pretty happy with that.

The shirt is in pretty good shape, just a slight touch of dinginess around the collar. Maybe I can clean that up but it is a 20-year-old shirt. I don’t really have a good idea how to keep one of those in mint condition, especially since I live in Florida.

Up top is the back image; front image is on the left.

I have some old Malibu Comics T-shirts in a box somewhere, but I think this is the first Ultraverse shirt I have bought. And frankly I can’t even remember seeing any others. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist; I forget a lot of stuff!

All three pins

Why, yes, I am still alive, thank you.

Still collecting, too. I’ve just been very busy (who hasn’t?). But I scored some good stuff recently so I will try to get a few posts up.

These are all three Ultraverse pins (as far as I know) and I got them all in one lot for under $5 shipped. Now that’s my kind of deal. I already had one of the Rune pins, but the others are new for me.


Pretty high quality pins, too. I know of one other Ultraverse pin but I don’t really count it because it is just one of those cheap metal tabs that folds over.

Malibu Sunspots

I had always wondered what these things were. I had never actually seen one in person but I noticed a couple that were jammed in with some other things on an auction. So I bought a few books I didn’t really want just to see what was up.


They’re actually less interesting than I thought, although they are numbered. I’m not sure how many there were in total, but these are just pamphlets with a little bit of info about upcoming Ultraverse books. They’re not comic-sized, more like 8.5 x 11 (like a regular sheet of paper) and very thin.

I might buy some others if I see them very cheap but these were obviously just info sheets for dealers and were probably sent to comic shops all over the country.

10,000 blammos

Not that it’s a big deal, but this blog just had it’s 10,000th page view (our site at my office can get that many page views in a few minutes just by putting “Tim Tebow” in the headline). WordPress lets you see a lot of information about your visitors although it’s all just generalities. One of the cool features lets you see what people typed into search engines to reach your blog, and how many times that happened.

Here are the most popular searches for Ultraverse Flashback. There were a bunch of searches done once or twice, almost too many to list. Thanks for reading!

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