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First round of polybags

You had five books from the first couple of months in the Ultraverse that were polybagged. That was something of a little trend in the early 1990s; it’s hard to believe there used to be arguments for and against leaving the books in the bag.

Prime, Hardcase and Strangers (all No. 2 issues) came with just a card. As far as I can tell they were always the same promo cards — although the Hardcase card came with the Strangers book, and vice-versa — for the inaugural Ultraverse card set.

Freex and Mantra (both No. 1s) came with a card and a wild coupon for Ultraverse Premiere 0. These are all great books to read. As collectibles, not so much. They’re among the most plentiful Ultraverse books you will find, bagged and otherwise.



Short stack of chase cards

More eBay silliness. I saw somebody had these cards listed for a buck each with $3 shipping (not bad considering they were coming from Great Britain).

But he had 10 for sale so I asked how much would shipping be for all 10. He said $4, so I popped the BIN for all 10.

They got here really fast, dude packed them wonderfully and they were all in great shape. These were the one-to-a-box chase cards from the Ultraverse Masterpieces set (there were two cards in this mini-set).

As far as hologram cards go, I’ve seen better. I’ll figure out what to do with these later, I guess. They’re not rare at all; even if there were only 20,000 boxes made, that means there are 10,0000 of these suckers.

Signed cards from eBay

I’ve always had a thing for signed comic cards. I think I feel better having them signed than having an actual comic signed, but I don’t really have a rational explanation.

In any case, I have a binder for stuff like that, and I think I have around 100. With most of them I was present when they were signed. Some of my favorites are a couple of Barry Windsor-Smith Valiant cards, some Joe Jusko Marvel Masterpieces and (all-time favorite) a Stan Lee card from the 1990 Marvel Impel cards.

Every now and then I spring a few bucks for a really good card. I picked up these five from an eBay auction for less than a buck (plus a few more for shipping). I’m 99.9 percent sure they were signed by Hoang Nguyen, who was also the artist on Warstrike. It came out to about 80 cents a card, a good enough deal for me. Four of the cards are from the first series Ultraverse cards, the other is a promo from Hero Illustrated.



For what it’s worth, the seller also included a certificate of authenticity from the show where they were signed.

Debut Cards

Less than a year into the launch of the Ultraverse they had another coupon sendaway deal. This time you didn’t have to open a bag or cut out anything; photocopies of the back of any Ultraverse title that month (with a unique serial number) were all you needed. For every three photocopies you sent in you would receive a card, so you needed 12 different books for the whole set.

I don’t know whether any crumbums working in comic shops made a quick run to Kinkos that week, but since you only got four cards it wasn’t that much of a sweetheart deal.

You could also get four “unenhanced” cards by sending in leftover coupons from the Ultraverse Premiere 0 offer from the launch titles (the regular cards were identical but had gold foil lettering.

I sent in for one set of regular cards but never received them. Bah. I never got my Next Men cards either. At least I got my Harbinger 0.

In any case, here are the regular cards:





And not that they look all that different, but here are the unenhanced versions. The backs are identical to the other set:



I paid a couple of bucks for these, but you don’t see them on eBay very much. I might pay $5 for another set. I’ve heard that there was an uncut sheet featuring all four cards but I haven’t seen one.