Hello again!

So I’m still here … still collecting. There are a couple of things coming up that got me thinking about the Ultraverse again.

First off there is a panel at Wondercon celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Ultraverse, featuring Dave Olbrich, Chris Ulm, Ross Richie, Aaron Lopresti and Terry Dodson.

And second, I managed to score tickets to Comic-Con again this year. This will be my fifth time going and I’m kind of hoping there will be some type of Ultraverse presence this time.  I won’t be able to make it to Wondercon and the only other big convention I will hit this year is MegaCon.

So all that got me thinking about my collection. I only need a few more books, just the Firearm Ultra 5000 and a short stack of UPC variants. Time to get moving!

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3 responses to “Hello again!

  • Jim the manican

    Does anyone have any of those ultraverse signed cards from the 2nd card series..tge skybox ultraverse 2 signed ones stamped with the skybox logo? I have all but 2 and am willingvto pay good money for the final 2 I need..thank you and your amazing brave site!!!!!

  • Michael Novotny

    We did not score tickets to Comic-con this coming summer – first time we will miss since we began going in 2007.

    However, as I guess a pretty good consolation prize, we are going to Wonder-con – and that is where David Olbrich has scheduled the Ultraverse 25th Anniversary panel.

    An additional bonus – I have actually been invited to serve as a panelist – to represent I guess the continued fan and collector interest in these publications some 20 years later.

    My collection is now about as complete as I am going to worry about.

    I have virtually everything published under or related to the Ultraverse banner, including Ultraverse Secrets, Firearm LTD edition, the Firearm video, and even some foreign language editions.

    Now, at 72 years of age – I have to figure out what to do with all this?

    I’d like to find a good museum or some such other place dedicated to the history and publishing of comics -to either lend or donate the collection – but I am still working on that.

    Have you joined our Ultraverse Facebook group?


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