Monthly Archives: March 2018

Hello again!

So I’m still here … still collecting. There are a couple of things coming up that got me thinking about the Ultraverse again.

First off there is a panel at Wondercon celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Ultraverse, featuring Dave Olbrich, Chris Ulm, Ross Richie, Aaron Lopresti and Terry Dodson.

And second, I managed to score tickets to Comic-Con again this year. This will be my fifth time going and I’m kind of hoping there will be some type of Ultraverse presence this time.¬† I won’t be able to make it to Wondercon and the only other big convention I will hit this year is MegaCon.

So all that got me thinking about my collection. I only need a few more books, just the Firearm Ultra 5000 and a short stack of UPC variants. Time to get moving!