Prime cover gallery

This is a big one, lots of Prime books in the Ultraverse. Let’s start with the first series’ main issues, including gold and silver holograms, an Ultra 5000 and an annual, along with variant covers for 4 and 13. There are also polybagged issues for 2 and 4, but I didn’t include the pics here. Just imagine the same book in a bag.

primefirst1 ultra5000prime Primehologold primeholosilver

primefirst2  primefirst3  primefirst4prime  primefirst4prototype

primefirst5  primefirst6  primefirst7  primefirst8

primefirst9  primefirst10  primefirst11  primefirst12

primefirst13alt  primefirst13reg  primefirst14  primefirst15

primefirst16  primefirst17  primefirst18  primefirst19

primefirst20  primefirst21  primefirst22  primefirst23

primefirst24  primefirst25  primefirst26  primefirstannual

There was also a hardcover, trade paperback, Printer’s Proof and even a Wizard 1/2 issue:

primehc  primetpb  Primeprinterproof  primefirsthalf

Ashcans? We got ashcans.

primeashcan  primeashreg  Primeashgoldfoil  PrimeashSegaCD

And then you had the second series, with cover variants on the first couple of issues:

primesecInfinityblack  primesecInfinityreg  primesec1reg  primesec1painted

primesec2  primesec3  primesec4  primesec5

primesec6  primesec7  primesec8  primesec9

primesec10a  primesec11a  primesec12  primesec13

primesec14  primesec15

Also a couple of Marvel crossovers:

LPPrime  LSPPrime  primecap

And finally a four-issue miniseries, Power of Prime.

powerofprime1  powerofprime2  powerofprime3  powerofprime4

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3 responses to “Prime cover gallery

  • W Michael Novotny

    Did you miss a few?

    Ultraverse Double Feature flip book with Prime on one side and Solitaire on the other.

    Prime v Hulk.

    Prime v Captain America.

    Just saying . . . .

    Best wishes,


  • W Michael Novotny

    Ooops, spoke too soon about the Prime / Captain America and Prime / Hulk.

    You’re just missing the Prime / Solitaire flip book.

    And of course the Ultra Force books.

  • depluto

    Hi Michael, the Double Feature book and the Ultraforce books will be coming in other galleries … just have to scan a bunch of stuff in.

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