All three pins

Why, yes, I am still alive, thank you.

Still collecting, too. I’ve just been very busy (who hasn’t?). But I scored some good stuff recently so I will try to get a few posts up.

These are all three Ultraverse pins (as far as I know) and I got them all in one lot for under $5 shipped. Now that’s my kind of deal. I already had one of the Rune pins, but the others are new for me.


Pretty high quality pins, too. I know of one other Ultraverse pin but I don’t really count it because it is just one of those cheap metal tabs that folds over.

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I picked depluto as a screen name years ago when I signed up for AOL. I still use it for a lot of things including posting on some forums. View all posts by depluto

One response to “All three pins

  • Michael Novotny

    send me your e-mail address and I will send you one of the little tin pins — I have a bag full of them. — I have two fo the Mantra pins and one Rune, but I do not have a Prime. And do come and join our Ultraverse Group on Facebook. Tom Mason is a frequent visitor/poster, so is Roland Mann. David Olbrich stops by from time to time and so does Chris Ulm. Its’ been awhile, but we have even heard from Scott Mitchell Rosenberg on a couple of occasions. You will learn a whole lot about the behind the scenes story of Malibu, the Ultraverse and more.

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