Some Prime stuff

Spotted a couple of interesting auctions on eBay this week. A little more than I want to spend, although I wouldn’t mind adding both to my collection.

The first was a Prime standee, almost five feet tall. I already have a Rune standee that is the same size, but it is stuck up in my attic since I don’t have any place to display it.

The auction starts at $10 with a $20 BIN; add in $15 shipping. I would buy one for $10 if I saw it in a shop, but $25 is a bit too much for me. Especially since I don’t have room for it.

The auction will probably be over by the time most people read this, but here it is anyway.

The second thing I saw was a nice Prime shirt that looks to be in pretty good shape. This auction is running a little longer with a BIN of $35 and free shipping. Cool shirt (a little small for me, I prefer XL or even 2XL) but I still wouldn’t spend more than $20 for it. Who knows, maybe I will make the guy an offer?

First time I have seen this shirt though. It looks a lot better than any other Prime shirts I have seen.

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3 responses to “Some Prime stuff

  • 32pages

    I’ve got one of those T’s. It was the first ever thing I ordered out of a Previews catalogue. If only I could fit into it now.

  • depluto

    Nice … I don’t fit into too many of my shirts from back then either. I might have to check a few of my old Previews to see what kind of stuff was in there.

  • Anonymous

    I saw a Prime standee about that size in shop in STL a few summers back. Guy said he would sell it for 10 but I passed. Was in town yesterday and planned to buy it but I called and he said it was gone. D’oh!

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