Prime video game

Here’s another recent score. I won this for $12 on eBay, and the only reason I paid that much is because the auction description said it was the Prime Sega CD game without the Microcosm disc, and that it came with a booklet. I was hoping the booklet was the Prime ashcan, since that thing is brutally difficult to find.


Alas, the booklet was just the instruction booklet (still pretty cool, but not what I was hoping for). And the package was mismatched; the front was the Prime game I wanted, but the back cover was the Prime/Microcosm package. And there were some rental stickers on the disc and jewel case.

As far as I can figure, this must have been a rental copy from back in the day, and the two boxes somehow became combined when they dumped their inventory. I  already had a copy of the Prime/Microcosm game; this would have been my first copy of the Prime game by itself. I guess I’ll keep looking.

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