Ads: Mortal Kombat

I pulled this one out of Giant Size Freex 1. It really takes me back; I remember buying this game for my Sega GameGear (talk about a battery gobbler; that system used to run on six Double-A batteries and burn through them in a couple of hours).

Mortal Kombat was pretty hardcore for its time, although the “fatalities” that caused such a ruckus seem pretty tame by today’s standards. I actually sucked at the game, but had a friend who was pretty good. He played another friend’s 10-year-old kid and beat him so bad that the kid started weeping.

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2 responses to “Ads: Mortal Kombat

  • Timothy Lewis

    You don’t know how much the Ultraverse meant to me. I bought the first issues of Hardcase and Prime (because of the commercials) and my love affair with comics spiraled from there. Everything from Marvel to DC to Valiant and Image–but the Ultraverse will always be first and foremost in my heart. Too many great memories.

    I know it’s a thankless job but I really appreciate what you’ve done here. Thank you (see-not so thankless now, is it?)

  • depluto

    Thanks! I wish I had more time to finish this up … Right now I am working full time, raising a couple of kids and going to school so free time is going to be scarce for a while. I plan to gather all this into a web site once I find the time to work on it.

    I’ve covered nearly all of the variants but there are plenty of cover galleries to work on and I would love to do more Q&As with people who worked on the Ultraverse.

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