Short stack of Future Shocks

I’ve always wanted to hoard this book, since it was the final Ultraverse comic. A couple of weeks ago I was following some auctions on eBay just to get an idea of what it is going for now and I was shocked to see one close at $21. Chalk that up to one of those weird bidding wars; I don’t think that will be the new standard for pricing.

I checked to see if they had any. Nope. So I checked Mile High Comics, and they had an undetermined amount for $2.20 each. Coupled with one of their 50-percent-off codeword sales, I was able to get 15 copies for $16.50 shipped. Not bad. I actually ordered 10 more but I think that order never went through.

I already had three copies, too. I’d like to say I’m embarrassed by my collector mentality, but I’m not. I just roll with it, hahaha.

Mile High can be a pretty good place to score a mini-hoard. I bought 20 Ultraforce hologram books once for $32 and they were all in beautiful, perfect condition.

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