Ads: The Prime video game

I’m not sure why every superhero game from the mid-1990s looks like a Ninja Turtles game; they sure did love the 2D side-scrolling stuff. Many of the ads in comic books back then were for video games, although nothing about this one makes we want to run upstairs and play the game.

Prime is the only Ultraverse game that made it to store shelves. The Sega CD system was eventually run off by the PlayStation in the back half of the 1990s; Sega’s last-gasp attempt at a console was the Dreamcast a few years later (I absolutely loved my Dreamcast!) but it lost its momentum when the PS2, Xbox and GameCube were released.

It’s kind of funny to see the Sony and Sega labels next to each other like that. Sony doesn’t produce games for systems other than the PlayStation brands any more, although Sega games are made for all systems including the PS3 and PSP.

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2 responses to “Ads: The Prime video game

  • Knightt

    To this day I am looking for the ‘single’ version of this game as I have seen it also doubled with another game. The single version for me is the more desirable version of the game and if I am not mistaken, comes with the Sega CD Prime Ashcan.

    I would invest the money in a Sega CD system just to play this for a while but I imagine that there emulation software ‘out there’ that could take care of this for me.

    Again relying in memory, I seem to recall conversations with former Ultraverse personnel that mentioned other games as being ‘in the works back then’ for a Firearm game as well as a Night Man. Firearm would have been easy AND a favorite of mine because out of the entire Ultraverse, my favorite character was the one who did not have ANY Ultra powers… Firearm.

  • depluto

    I read something in one of the books that a Strangers game was in production, and I have seen screenshots from the Firearm game. But as far as I know they were never released.

    I’ve been keeping an eye out for the Prime game without the Microcosm game, but I have never seen one for sale anywhere. I’ve seen a picture of one and that’s it.

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