Phoenix Resurrection

These books kind of slipped under my radar when I first started collecting Ultraverse stuff. I re-read them this week, but I’m still not entirely sure what happened. Characters from the Marvel Universe joined the Ultraversians, Phoenix went wild and split in two and the story continues in Firefox.

I think by this point the Ultraverse was being pulled in too many directions and the main characters were losing their focus, but these books have good art and pacing nonetheless.

Each main book in the series had an Ultra Gold Limited Edition counterpart. When I was trying to fill out my collection I thought these were tough to find but I’ve seen quite a few lately. They tend to arrive on eBay in waves. This week I bought a set of all four golds for $5 shipped.





The Red Shift version is the same as the regular Resurrection issue with an extra story. It’s also fairly easy to find cheap online but you have to keep an eye out for Phoenix Resurrection lots where it is included. It’s often easier (and costs about the same) to buy that way than by seeking it out as an individual issue.

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3 responses to “Phoenix Resurrection

  • Bruce Reville

    All the stories in Phoenix Resurrection 0 were originally flip-cover stories on the back of all the #2 Ultraverse comics in November of 1995.

    Red Shift is the same with the exception is one story more story. (Jubilee one if I remember correctly) and was an American Entertainment Exclusive.

    The only big significance out of this was the introduction of Foxfire.

  • Andy Kimber

    I’ve also just re-read these issues and it just about made sense the second time around

  • David Sopko

    So the Red Shift is the same as the regular zero issue…good to know.

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