Solution 5 variant

As far as I know, this was the only variant cover for the Solution. Of these two, the one on the right is far tougher to find. I’ve only come across a couple although that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a big box of these stuck in someone’s garage.


The one on the left is everywhere. If you’re going to buy it you’re better off waiting for a complete run of Solution books; these are often just a few bucks on eBay. The one on the right will require some digging. I bought mine for a couple of bucks from Joe Koch’s web site, but I’m not sure if he has any more.

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2 responses to “Solution 5 variant

  • Anonymous

    I had posted this on the Ultraverse Group page on Facebook last week. Notice that the cover on the right has a UPC, which makes me think the cover on the left without the UPC was for direct sales, the cover on the right for newstand sales. You do see this from time to time with certain Ultravese books, especially earler issues, where the one with the UPC is more rare.

  • Bruce Reville

    The one on the right was available only on the newstand and since during that time newstand comics were rapidly disappearing it made it very difficult to find. Ultraverse had a weird thing of releasing variants on the newstand from time to time.


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