Trade paperbacks

Today there is a trade paperback for everything, it seems. But during the Ultraverse’s relatively short run there were only three and they didn’t offer a discount over just buying the books separately.

Cover price on comics then was typically $2, but the cover price on these trade paperbacks was $10, and they only contained four issues. I guess it had something to do with the printing costs, but there probably wasn’t much of a point in waiting for the trade when it would take you months longer to read the story and you had to pay more for the privilege.

So that probably explains why there were only three: Prime Time, Wheel of Thunder and Jumpstart. These are pretty common on eBay and elsewhere but most sellers seem to have them overvalued quite a bit. But you can snag each of these for under $5 shipped if you are patient.


There is also a hardcover version of Prime Time, which looks really sweet. These are a little tougher to chase down but I’ve found a few copies for under $10 (I drastically overpaid for the first one I saw … rookie mistake).

The cover price on this book is an astonishing $46 dollars!

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