Signed cards from eBay

I’ve always had a thing for signed comic cards. I think I feel better having them signed than having an actual comic signed, but I don’t really have a rational explanation.

In any case, I have a binder for stuff like that, and I think I have around 100. With most of them I was present when they were signed. Some of my favorites are a couple of Barry Windsor-Smith Valiant cards, some Joe Jusko Marvel Masterpieces and (all-time favorite) a Stan Lee card from the 1990 Marvel Impel cards.

Every now and then I spring a few bucks for a really good card. I picked up these five from an eBay auction for less than a buck (plus a few more for shipping). I’m 99.9 percent sure they were signed by Hoang Nguyen, who was also the artist on Warstrike. It came out to about 80 cents a card, a good enough deal for me. Four of the cards are from the first series Ultraverse cards, the other is a promo from Hero Illustrated.



For what it’s worth, the seller also included a certificate of authenticity from the show where they were signed.

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