Ads: Strange Days

I gotta be honest … I only get out to movies occasionally but I don’t remember anything about this one. And nothing about this ad from the interior pages of Siren 1 makes me want to see it. Dude looks kind of … wait, holy crap, that’s Voldemort!

If you look at the names attached to this film it’s hard to figure why it bombed. Kathryn Bigelow directed, James Cameron wrote the screenplay, and Ralph Fiennes (blondie up there), Vincent D’Onofrio and Angela Bassett starred in it, yet it didn’t even make $8 million on a $42 million budget.

And you didn’t see a lot of web addresses in advertisements back then. Complete with the http://www thing. I tried to go to the web site but it wouldn’t load.

The reviews weren’t horrible. Rotten Tomatoes rated it 61% positive.

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