Debut Cards

Less than a year into the launch of the Ultraverse they had another coupon sendaway deal. This time you didn’t have to open a bag or cut out anything; photocopies of the back of any Ultraverse title that month (with a unique serial number) were all you needed. For every three photocopies you sent in you would receive a card, so you needed 12 different books for the whole set.

I don’t know whether any crumbums working in comic shops made a quick run to Kinkos that week, but since you only got four cards it wasn’t that much of a sweetheart deal.

You could also get four “unenhanced” cards by sending in leftover coupons from the Ultraverse Premiere 0 offer from the launch titles (the regular cards were identical but had gold foil lettering.

I sent in for one set of regular cards but never received them. Bah. I never got my Next Men cards either. At least I got my Harbinger 0.

In any case, here are the regular cards:





And not that they look all that different, but here are the unenhanced versions. The backs are identical to the other set:



I paid a couple of bucks for these, but you don’t see them on eBay very much. I might pay $5 for another set. I’ve heard that there was an uncut sheet featuring all four cards but I haven’t seen one.

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