NecroMantra and Lord Pumpkin

NecroMantra was a four-issue limited series that took place before the relaunch. I skimmed them, there’s nothing really to distinguish these books. And it’s pretty easy to find them all in one lot for a good price, except for maybe the Limited Special Edition to No. 4 (see below) which is usually a buck or two by itself. I got one in a quarter bin once, though.

Each of the first three issues had NecroMantra on the front and Lord Pumpkin as a flip-cover on the back:


But here is something weird I noticed as I was scanning these in. With the second and third issues the UPC code is on the Lord Pumpkin side, I guess making that the default cover. I’m not sure yet if there are two versions of these books. Time to do a little digging. If somebody knows, please drop me a note.



No. 4 did not have a flip-cover, but there was a separate Limited Special Edition version that had the Lord Pumpkin cover.


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