Malibu Signature Series

It’s hard to call these comic books, but they are comic-book sized so let’s just throw them in with the rest. These look like the kinds of things you would take to busy conventions and try to get as many signatures from the artists and writers as possible. Inside are small bios and pictures with a box underneath for them to sign.

Mine are still blank; I picked these up in auctions somewhere. It would probably freak out one of the old Ultraverse creators if I gave them one of these to sign in San Diego this summer.


They’re not particularly easy to find, but they’re always cheap. Somebody might try to charge a little more if it had a lot of signatures inside, though.

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2 responses to “Malibu Signature Series

  • Michael Novotny

    Have collected Ultraverse for nearly 6 years now and have two nearly complete collections of every book, inlcuding variant covers, autographed, holographs, and giveaways. I have three sets of the FIREARM #0 in the blister pack with the 35 min live action video tape — although the packaging on all 3 is pretty beat up. I have several copies of the very rare Mantra cover with her standing next Wiley Wolf, and also the rare alternate SOLUTION issue #5. I have had some correspondence with Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, the founder of Malibu Comics, who now is President of Platinum Studios — which is about to release the Harrison Ford Film, Cowboys & Aliens. The one item I have had no luck in locating is a give-away titled “The Ultraverse Secrets Marvel Doesn’t Want You To Know.” If anyone wants a pdf of all of the titles and alternate covers I have identified to date, just send me an e-mail and I will e-mail the list back to you.

  • depluto

    Thanks Michael … have you looked at the checklist? Do you see anything on there we might have missed?

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