The idea here was to take the art from a comic book, put it in digital form and add some voice acting. This might have passed for high tech a couple of decades ago, but it seems fairly quaint today. Not sure what the original price was … somebody told me $20 and that seems about right. There are no significant extras but they look cool. The shrinkwrap is generic.

As far as I know, the only Ultraverse titles to get this treatment were the first issues of Prime, Hardcase and Freex.

I bought all three of the ones above in an auction for 1 cent, and $2 shipping. When I got the package I saw it cost $2.12 to ship. And that is why I can’t bring myself to sell anything on eBay.

I also picked up these a few years back (I think it was $10 shipped for all three). I’m not sure who produced them but it is exactly the same CD-ROMix, just packaged inside a bigger box. All three have identical box art on the back.

Mine are a little crumpled because I threw them in a box with a bunch of other junk. Storage issues, you know? Geez, I wish I had more room. I’ve been working on some shelves in my attic but it’s too hot to work up there during the summer.

Here are a couple of thumbnails if you are interested in what the backs look like:


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One response to “CD-ROMix

  • Bruce Reville

    The CD-Romix in the box were the first releases – all other releases came w/o a box. Same CD just minus the extra packaging.

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