Eliminator black cover

Another alternate black cover. Well, mostly black. Too bad it has a big ol’ UPC code box stuck out there.

Eliminator was a four-issue mini-series (if you count the 0 issue it ran from 0-3). The No. 1 had two versions. One is the Black Cover Edition ($3.95 cover price) and the other has a regular illustrated cover ($2.50).

I don’t think it had anything to do with Black September. I guess the black cover was just so you couldn’t tell that Mr. Eliminator is dressed like a Mardi Gras pirate. And Siren is in this issue, perhaps to remind the titular character that they were due back at the circus by 6 p.m.


I’m not sure of the scarcity of these, but they are pretty common on eBay and online retailers and they are always pretty cheap. I bought one for about a buck on mycomicshop.com. I’d love to know the print run numbers.

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2 responses to “Eliminator black cover

  • Chiclo

    Eternity published an Eliminator (3 issue? 4 issue?) mini-series in 1993 and a full-colour one-shot special. I don’t know that the two characters are connected but Eliminator would not be the only Eternity character included in the post-Black September (UH2?) Ultraverse. Shuriken of the All New Exiles was similarly published by Eternity.

  • Bruce Reville

    Eternity’s Eliminator & Shuriken are to the Ultraverse like Dark Horse’s Mecha was to CGW. No connection continuity wise but in name only. Ultraverse’s Shuriken was based off of Eternity’s version, but neither Eliminator have anything in common except name only.

    Trivia: Shuriken also makes an appearance on the cover of Malibu’s Genesis 0, but never in any of the books.

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