Rune ashcans

More ashcans … the Rune ashcan was given out as a freebie in Previews magazine back when that came in a polybag (there were usually several freebies — cards, posters, etc. — packed in every one).

This one was a flipbook with Wrath featured on the other side. Since Previews was in just about every comic shop back then, this is actually a pretty common book.

There is a gold foil version of it, and I’m not sure how this was distributed. Dealer incentive for ordering a lot of Previews?

It’s not extremely rare and shows up on eBay now and then. And it rarely goes for more than a buck or two. I’ve picked up a couple as part of larger lots. I’d pay a buck for one if I saw it in a comic shop.

As you can see, the gold foil version is different because it has, uh, gold foil on the cover. Other than that, no difference and the Wrath book on the back has no foil. Here is the regular version, too.


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