Hardcase ashcans

This is another one of those very common ashcans, since it was distributed inside an issue of Hero Illustrated (don’t google “Hero Magazine, that’s something completely different, sheesh). It’s pretty decent quality, nice cardstock. Mine is inside an ashcan-sized, UltraPro-style bag. We can forgive them for stating “Premire Edition #0” on the back cover. These are very common … quarter-bin material. I think the bag is worth more than the comic.


A variant of this was given out at the 1993 San Diego Comic Con. The only differences are that there is no foil on the cover title, and all of the words on the back are spelled correctly. This one is pretty hard to find. I’ve only seen a couple on eBay. I might pay a few bucks if I saw another.


There were two other ashcans that are pretty tough to find (these usually go for $10 or so when they come up for auction). Especially the Motor City Comic Con version. If there were 5,000 of these given out as freebies at that con, I’m betting most people who picked one up couldn’t care less about what happened to it over the years. These are two of the few Ultraverse books that I don’t have (yet).


If you want a full run of Ultraverse, you’re going to end up with a lot of little books.

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