Prime Printer’s Proof

You want oddball? We got oddball.

This is one of the first Ultraverse items I collected after a long “career” of chasing down Valiant stuff. Like the certificate says, it’s a printer’s proof. I suppose that means this was taken from some of the first comics off the press, and the sides have not been trimmed (it looks sort of like a newspaper’s edges). It’s definitely different, and fun variants like this are part of why I like collecting this stuff.

Prime was the inaugural launch title from the Ultraverse, and this is one of the ways Malibu commemorated it. As far as print runs … who knows? Printer proofs are created so editors can check for mistakes and color corrections, so normally the print run should be small. I don’t recall seeing any of these back in the 1990s and I have no idea how they were distributed.

I paid a couple of bucks for mine. Every now and then — a couple or three times a year — they show up on eBay. Sometimes there is a minor bidding war to help the price reach double figures but usually these sell for a couple of bucks.

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3 responses to “Prime Printer’s Proof

  • Jim Flannery

    I have the ultimate holy grail of ultraverse collecting…The only known hologram printers proofs. I have 2 prime #1 holograms printers proofs, 1 strangers #1 hologram and 2 hard case #1 hologram printers proofs all are unfolded and taken during the last days closing at Ultraverse offices.

  • Jim Flannery

    I will be listing 1 on ebay soon and yes I will shoot you one. I might have the Ultraverse bug just as bad as you to fyi. I love it.

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